World Trade Centre Marriott

World Trade Centre Marriott

As part of the Master Plan of the World Trade Center (WTC) in the financial district of New York, the 3 World Trade Center is essentially linked and fully integrated into its environment. The design of the building cannot be understood in a vacuum; it is closely related to the other structures in the World Trade Center complex and is inspired by them. It is located opposite the WTC Memorial and Cultural Center and in the middle of the memorial's cluster of buildings. As the commercial core of the complex, the tower had to address the issue of balancing retail and office uses, complementing and recognizing the nearby public space. INTEC’s scope was only to develop for a floor for one of the office spaces in the buildings for a renowned real estate development company in NY region.

The building is orthogonally related to the main space between the water pools of the memorial. In addition to this relationship, the building's central zone reduces mass as it rises to the sky. The effect is a step-by-step profile that emphasizes the vertical aspect of the building relative to the memorial and sympathizes with the height and position of the adjacent structures. Spires emphasize the building's height and slender profile both locally and as part of the Manhattan skyline.

The podium of the tower houses a variety of retail elements and five floors that require large floor plates. Early in the construction process, work on the podium took place, but after the project was halted in 2012, it was partially built until construction resumed in 2015. Smaller floor plates accommodate different office spaces as the building shrinks. In order to maximize sustainability in terms of the day-to-day operations of the building, a number of sustainable design features were included, which are expected to provide the building with LEED Gold certification.


INTEC Client type NY Based MEP Engineering Firm
Location USA
Duration 2 Months
Built Area 130,054 sq. ft.
Trades Covered MEP
Brief Scope MEP BIM services, clash detection and clash reports