Laser Scan/Point Cloud Data Services

Laser Scan to BIM

Laser Scan to BIM

When we say, "Laser scan-to-BIM," we refer to a physical space or site "3D laser scanning "to create an accurate digital representation. This representation can then be used to design, evaluate progress or evaluate options.

In the AEC industry, 3D laser scanning quickly becomes the norm. This technology is progressing much faster than the industry itself. According to the 2016 Global Construction Survey by KPMG just over 20 percent of respondents said they are changing their business models to meet this rapid growth. In addition, the volume of data is rapidly increasing, which makes it difficult for most managers and project owners to make sense of the information. The result is an industry that is far behind others in adopting the latest technology.

Let's look at the benefits of this technology:

  • Laser scanning to BIM contributes to transparency, communication and collaboration.
  • The 3D model derived from this technology improves performance, quality assurance and reliability.
  • This technology greatly helps to reduce the budget.
  • Any change in the model can be easily made and decision-makers can quickly make decisions.
  • It enables sustainable structures to be created.
  • In the early stages of the project life cycle, errors can be avoided, and rework costs reduced.

INTEC offers Laser scan to BIM Modeling Services. We have extensive expertise in converting Point Cloud data to BIM platforms such as Revit and other BIM software. We create a complete as-built information model that accurately shows the pipes, walls, slabs, roof planes, façades and landscapes in the building and around it. We have experience in the development of LOD 300 to LOD 500 models for architectural elements, mechanical, structural, electrical and fire-fighting elements, structural elements and integrated models.