Value Engineering

Value Engineering

For many, if not most, AEC projects today, value engineering (VE) has become a standard practice. However, VE is not always fully understood or properly executed as common as it is. Value engineering is not a process of design review. Nor is it a cost-cutting exercise at the expense of the integrity of the project. Designers should use VE to optimize the expected cost-value ratio of components within a project by considering alternative design solutions. Contractors should use VE to identify and propose changes that reduce costs while maintaining or improving the owner's required quality, value and functional performance.

However, value engineering is a creative, organized exercise that all project stakeholders carry out collaboratively-and as soon as possible-to meet project requirements at the lowest total cost when applied optimally. Progressive project owners are looking for partners who can meet their visions and deliver a project on time and on budget, and collaborative VE ensures that all parties work towards the same objective.

The solution from INTEC will make your effort slimmer, stronger and more cost-effective. With our in-depth BIM expertise in Revit, Navisworks and other BIM-related software, we promise at least:

  • Reduce over 15 percent of your project coordination time
  • Reduce over 30 percent rework by means of a strict Quality Control
  • Save over 40 percent of your drawing costs by digitizing
  • Shorten your project time by superior clash detection.