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3D BIM Modeling Services

3D BIM Modeling Services

In many ways, a 3D-model can be created. But when a 3D model is it turning into a 3D BIM model? There are many different options and it is a good thing because it means that many people are getting involved in BIM optimization. Like everybody else, we also have an opinion on BIM, and a clear vision, through which we try to keep it comprehensible and applicable to everyone.

The main difference between a 3D-model and a 3D BIM-model is that a 3D-model is a geometry-only model containing only shapes and dimensions. On the other hand, in a 3D BIM-model we model all the information needed to realize and exploit the building in this model. Often this is an integral model that contains all the architectural, installation, and construction information.

However, it doesn't matter whether you call it a 3D - model or 3D BIM - model, it's important that the model contains the right information's and the expectations of BIM are determined in advance and are achieved.

Meantime, we have done more than 500+ projects in BIM across the globe. Checkout the below link for more details.