mep bim services



Our MEP BIM services include:
  • 3D BIM Modeling, Coordination and Clash Resolution at LOD 300 & 400
  • Shop Drawings, Riser Drawings, Sleeve Penetration/Cut-out Drawings
  • Block-out Drawings, Pre-Fabrication/Spool Drawings
  • CNC Data integration with BIM Models
  • Quantity Take-offs (Pre-bid & Execution)
  • Value Engineering & Design Validation
  • As-Built model update & As-built documentation

Virtual design development using 3D BIM models utilizing various sources of information including contract sets, design drawings, outline reports and equipment submittals. A model of the HVAC framework, Hangers, Trapeze, and seismic restrainers, is made and expanded utilizing data from Engineering, Auxiliary and other exchange and Utility sources. The last model is produced after settling any conflict by re-steering/re-routing ventilation work, changing heights and channel re-measuring.

  • Mechanical Equipment Modeling as per submittal/cut-sheet provided
  • Mechanical Duct and Duct Fittings Modeling
  • Duct Layouts
  • Quantity Take-offs of Ducts, Duct Fittings, Mechanical Equipment, Diffusers, Grills, etc.
  • Mechanical Components Modeling (with connections)
  • Mechanical Equipment Enumerating with segments and isometric
  • Shop Drawings Preparation
  • Pre-Fabrication/Spool Drawings Preparation
  • Rendered views of Mechanical Models
  • MEP Walkthrough

INTEC specialists provide high quality services to meet the scope requirements with quick turnaround times for final deliverables:

  • Process Piping, Steam and Boiler Piping
  • Hot/Chilled water piping
  • Sanitary, Vent System and Storm-water Drainage Piping
  • Compressed Air and Fuel/Medical Gas Piping
  • Sleeve, Hanger, Shop Drawings, Pre-Fabrication and Spool Drawings
  • Quantity Take-offs for Plumbing Fixtures, Fittings and Accessories

INTEC handles Electrical Design support services, Modeling and Documentation services according to universal standards for various stakeholders

  • Electrical lighting fixtures and layout modeling as per given schedules
  • Detailed light fixtures including volts, fitting type and lamps
  • Cable trays in Electrical Model as per given drawings
  • Schedules of circuits and panel boards
  • Shop Drawings Preparation
  • Pre-Fabrication/Spool Drawings Preparation
  • Quantity Take-offs (Pre-bid & Execution)
  • Rendering of Model with Lights
  • Walkthrough of Electrical Model

INTEC is knowledgeable about understanding fire safety needs with respective design capabilities using BIM. Their specialists enhance the building model in general by including life security frameworks. INTEC can do fire-fighting plans, 3D models and shop drawings. The models and shop drawings prepared by INTEC can check for layout inconsistencies, code(s) adherence, constructability and coordination issues. The illustrations produced by INTEC contain all data about Fire sprinkler framework like sprinkler heads, valves, pressure gauges, calculation plate, hangers, mains and branch lines required for quick and error-free site execution.

INTEC Engineers, model 3D fire protection systems and build an automated system for preparing Riser Diagrams. Design validation of Fire Protection plan is done according to universal principles and codes, as applicable. All INTEC staffs are familiar with all major software tools needed for Fire Safety Design support and associated Documentation. INTEC’s engineers can assist in the following as well:

  • Calculations for Water Storage Capacity and Pump Sizing
  • Detailed Design support
  • Design support for layouts covering Sprinkler/Hydrant/Water Spray/Foam systems