Constructability Review

Constructability Review

What is Constructability Review?

Constructability Review and Clash detection services are two main parts in a construction project. The main purpose of the constructability review is to review all construction processes from start to finish during the pre-construction or at early design phase. This Constructability assessment helps to identify and solve different types of problems before the actual construction begins and helps to minimize errors, delays and overhead.

When the design of the building is developed, essentially all the elements of every engineering trade. The architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are precisely coordinated. It often happens that two or more elements fight for the same place where these elements clash. The collision detection process is carried out to identify clashes between different architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering components.

INTEC’s Role in Constructability Review

In partnership with INTEC, one of our customers ' key advantages are that our designers also check the sustainability of the design during each design phase to ensure that the design is accurate to the needs. We also perform energy analysis using various software platforms to measure the efficiency of the building When our designers perform constructability and collision detection analysis, they use project review software such as' Autodesk Design Review' and' Autodesk Navisworks' to identify constructability and conflicts and efficiently resolve them. It helps to greatly improve the project's design quality. Our professionals also make the most use of the 3D BIM model to perform constructability assessment and clash detection. This 3D BIM model is also used to prepare effective construction plans and equipment fabrication. Tools such as' Navisworks' or' Tekla' are very useful for Constructability Review and clash resolution during the pre-construction phase. We ensure that the constructability review and collision detection are carried out properly to obtain a high quality and precise project design.