Retail & Commercial


Grand Theatre Rabat, Morocco

The Gran Rabat Theater, located in the heart of Rabat, Morocco, consists of three theater spaces, indoor spaces with 2,050 seats and 520 seats, as well as a fully equipped outdoor amphitheater with a capacity of 7,000. The theaters share house facilities and reduce the size of the necessary building

Wal-Mart, India

INTEC is pleased to prepare the 3D BIM modeling for the Wal Mart India prototype shop, which was a joint venture between Bharti INDIA and Walmart at the time. Walmart Inc. is the world's leading retailer renowned for its logistics, supply chain management and procurement efficiency

Lulu Mall, India

Once completed, LULU Mall will be India's largest mall. The mall will feature over 200 international and national brands, 11 screen multiplexes, 2500-seater food court and over 20 fine dining restaurants. The mall's architecture is also built taking into account Luknow's culture and ethnicity.

A shopping mall expansion in Dubai

The scope of the project involves the expansion of a shopping Mall in Dubai. The expansion increased the footprint of the mall by 40 percent by connecting the two structures to a number of bridges, the largest of which is the connecting bridge, which is 200 meters